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New LGBT Video Games Ready To Make you Happy

With the advancement in online adult gaming these days, we see more and more games in all the niches. Well, there are new games coming for all the queer players and we gathered all the best ones in a collection that will make everyone happy. As the title and the name of our site suggests, we are coming with a collection that is featuring only LGBT video games, and they are ready to blow you away. It was easy for us to find all the gay games that you want to play, because this is the most popular category out of all the queer games. But it was a struggle to find lesbian games that are truly for lesbians. However, we actually manage to find quite an impressive number of games for lesbians, and then we went on to gather games with trans characters. We even feature some games for bisexual players and I’m sure you are going to enjoy them all.

All the games in our collection are coming in HTML5. That means far better graphics than ever before, and also a more complex gameplay that will let you do all kinds of things. But the best thing about this new generation of games is the fact that they are offering gameplay on any device you might use. You can play all these games on mobile and computer, directly in your browser. And there’s no need to download anything or install any kind of extension to your browser. It’s all about open and free gaming on our site. Dive in and enjoy your fantasies.

The Collection That’s Going To Make Everyone Happy

As long as your fantasies are from the queer side of sexuality, you are going to be so happy on our site. Let’s talk about the most popular games of each category so that you will make an idea about what’s waiting for you here. First of all, we have the gay sex games, which are the most numerous on LGBT Videos Games. The most played one are coming as sex simulators, in which you can have interactive sex with guys and also customize them so that they will fit your ultimate ideal of a perfect partner. The gay dating simulators are also popular amongst our players, because everyone wants to live the perfect sex life in our virtual universe.

When it comes to lesbian games, the most popular are the girlfriend experience ones. And that’s because they offer you the chance of enjoying the joys of a lesbian relationship as one of the partners. These games are focusing on romance story and character interaction just as much as they focus on sex action.

When it comes to the trans games, we have a collection that can please anyone. Some of them are coming with solo action in which trans babes are masturbating with your help, even blowing themselves off to completion. Some others will have trans on trans porn action, but we come with games featuring trans and men adventures. In some of these games, the men are the bottoms, while in others they are the top, and you get to choose which one of the sex partners you want to be.

The bisexual games of the site are coming with mostly threesome action in which you get to enjoy both partners, but we also come with a dating simulator in which you can play as either a man or a woman and you get to fuck anyone on the map.

LGBT Video Games Will Always Be Free

The best feature of our site is the fact that all the games we have here can be played for free, directly in your browser. You don’t need to register on the site, you don’t need to donate anything and we won’t make you pay through other means. Although we feature ads here, the advertising is non-intrusive, meaning that there won’t be any pop ups or video ads you won’t be able to skip. And we come with many other features that will make your stay more interesting, including community tools to let you interact with other players.

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